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Flux Weekly is a social news and culture blog built on the idea that everything, from our belief systems to our bodies, is in a state of continuous change. We feature exciting and thought-provoking writing about the changes in perspective, viewpoint and experience that constitute our lives. We publish long-form pieces from the best writers in the country. These pieces are intended to encourage dialogue, conversation and awareness about the social and political issues that are defining our time.

We feature and encourage writing from people who aren’t afraid of change, and that means writers who aren’t afraid to be wrong. We’ll run commentary and opinion by writers who seek to expand their own perspective.

Flux Weekly is an inclusive blog for anyone interested in talking and reading about identity, culture, and politics. We’re based in Brooklyn. We’re always looking for writers with unique & particular perspective.

*Interested in writing for Flux Weekly? Please send pitches and all general inquiries to fluxweekly@gmail.com.*